And then there was MIDI-CI…

In 2017 the MMA announced the introduction of MIDI-CI –  a whole new way of getting MIDI devices to act more intelligently than they had for the previous 30 years. MIDI-CI covers Protocol Exchange, Profiles and Property Exchange.

MIDI-CI version 1.0 was released in early 2018, providing tasty hints as to what is to come.

Currently the content of Property Exchange messages is still under wraps within the MMA – it is hoped it will be finalised and released in 2019.

MiPeX aim is to work with MMA members in preparing their products for the release of Property Exchange. Once released, MiPeX will aim to provide the public with examples tools and new ways of working with MIDI.


Do you need help with your project? MiPeX can help with your MIDI implementation needs. We can help with not just MIDI-CI but also most MIDI design work, including WebMidi and SysEx.

Previous projects undertaken have included the MIDI Implementation Schema.  Created in 2016 it was one of the first attempts to describe MIDI devices using a JSON Schema.

Also enjoying a long development time is MiPeX Signals – a small embedded MIDI signalling and manipulation processor.

There are a few projects on the go… but right now it’s all hush hush 😛



MMA discusses the future of MIDI at Audio Developers conference in London

Presented as part of ADC 18 this is a panel about the Future of MIDI. The is a bit of talk around MIDI-CI and there is even the video about Property Exchange… Unfortunately the Audio is muted – So here it is without being muted : I’m looking forward to the rest of MIDI-CI being …


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